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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:50:26 2004
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Hello List, Listees, and Listoids,

With regard to the ongoing (and well-deserved) praise of O.R. Norton's
new book on meteorites, the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Meteorites (CEM)
and the simultaneous discussion whether RFS I and RFS II will now have
become "useless", I especially liked one list member comparing RFS to
the "Old Testament" and CEM to the "New Testament". RFS I+II has sold
more than 20,000 copies (see Dr. A.E. Rubin's foreword to CEM, p. XIX)
and will certainly continue doing so. What was now urgently needed for
the advanced amateurs among us was a book that bridges the gap between
RFS I+II and those, let me quote Dr. Rubin again, "hundreds of technical
papers loaded with arcane jargon" or as Richard puts it himself on page
XV of his preface: "Though in the English language, they might as well
have been written in martian. Few amateurs can wade through the
technical jargon of the meteoriticist."

In MT*, Apr 2002, Vol. 1, No.1, Mark Bostick writes about CR2's:

> Why is there so much metal in a 2?


Well, like so many times before with RFS, all we have to do is open
RFS's successful successor on page 139, where we find the following:

"That you can have it both ways - reduced and oxidized in the same
meteorite - seems contradictory. What this may be telling us is that
hydrothermal conditions may have varied through the parent body or that
perhaps metamorphism reduced the FeO in the refractory minerals to
metallic Fe within the chondrules and matrix. These were then later
hydrothermally altered to various degrees. Numerous chondrule fragments
scattered throughout the matrix show disruption of the chondrules either
through impact or hydrothermal alteration. There is no consensus among
meteoriticists on this issue."

Best wishes,

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