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<tt>Hi, Pib,</tt><tt></tt>
<p><tt>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Thanks for the X-lation. I started by correcting
one date. And before you know it, I was adding in a few that were missed,
inserted in chronological order. The game of lists goes on.</tt><tt></tt>
<br>"Philip R. Burns" wrote:
<blockquote TYPE=CITE>(I sent this yesterday but it doesn't appear to have
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<p>At 08:32 AM 4/10/2002 -0700, you wrote:
<br>>Hello all
<br>>I put here a list of probably meteorites have hitting
<br>>people/animals, is in italian language but I hope easy
<br>>to translate, the list is from the new book of
<br>>Dr.Cevolani on Renazzo meteorite:
<p>Here is my rough translation of Matteo's list.&nbsp; Italian
<br>is not one of my strong suits, so I wasn't certain of
<br>how best to translate a few words.
<p>14 January 616 B.C.: more than 10 people died
<br>following the the fall of a meteorite on the field (camp?)
<br>of the rebellious Lu Ming-yeuh.&nbsp; The meteorite destroyed
<br>a war tower (Siege engine?).
<p>July-August 1020: some people were killed by
<br>a rain of meteorites in North Africa.
<p>Around 1341: a lot of people and animals were struck down
<br>by an iron rain from the sky.</blockquote>
<tt>1369. Ho-t'ao, China. "Large star" fell, started fire, soldiers injured.
Yau, et al.</tt>
<blockquote TYPE=CITE>&nbsp;
<br>February-March 1490: Stones fell as rain. More
<br>than 10,000 people died in the district of
<br>Ch'ing-yang in the Province of Shansi in China. The stones
<br>weighed 1 - 1.5 kgs.
<p>September 14th 1511: a monk and quite a lot of animals
<br>fell victim at Cremona, Lombardy, Italy to the
<br>fall of many stones next to the&nbsp; river Adda.
<br>The stones weighed at least 50 kgs.</blockquote>
<tt>Several birds and a sheep.</tt>
<blockquote TYPE=CITE>&nbsp;
<br>1633 (?): a monk perished in Milan from a
<br>wound to his leg caused by the fall of a meteorite.
<p>1639: a big stone fell on a market killing
<br>about ten people and destroying some houses
<br>in Ch'ang-shou province in China.
<p>1648: two sailors lost their lives following the fall of a
<br>meteorite onto a ship sailing from Holland to Batavia.</blockquote>
<tt>Date indetermined, was 1647-1654. Indian Ociean. Ship enroute from
Japan to Sicily.</tt>
<blockquote TYPE=CITE>&nbsp;
<br>July 24th 1790: a meteorite fell on a farmer's house
<br>killing a farmer(?) and some livestock in Gascogne, France.
<p>January 16th 1825: a man was killed and a woman
<br>wounded by the fall of a meteorite in Oriang, Malwate, India.</blockquote>
<tt>Feb 27, 1827. Mhow, India. Man killed. Woman injured.</tt>
<p><tt>December 11, 1836. Macao, Brazil. Houses destroyed. Several oxen
<p><tt>May 1, 1860. New Concord, Ohio USA. Colt struck and killed.</tt>
<blockquote TYPE=CITE>&nbsp;
<br>June 30th 1874: during a storm, a big stone
<br>fell from the sky in Chin-kuei Shan, China, destroying
<br>a house and killing a child.
<p>January 31st 1879: a farmer was killed by a
<br>meteorite at Dun-le-Poelier, Indre, France.</blockquote>
<tt>Nov 19, 1881. Grossliebenthal, Prussia. Man reported injured by meteorite.
<p><tt>March 11, 1897. New Martinsville, WV USA. Man knocked out. Horse
killed. Reported in the New York Times, March 12, 1897.</tt>
<blockquote TYPE=CITE>&nbsp;
<br>September 5th 1907: a stone fell from the sky and killed
<br>a whole family in Hsin-p'ai Wei, China.
<p>June 30th 1908: two men were killed along with
<br>about a hundred reindeer during the Tunguska event
<br>in Siberia, Russia.</blockquote>
<tt>June 28, 1911. Nakhla, Egypt. The Dog.</tt>
<blockquote TYPE=CITE>&nbsp;
<br>December 8th 1829: a person was killed during
<br>a wedding in Zvezvan, Yugoslavia.</blockquote>
<tt>The correct date is Dec 8, 1929. Reported in the New York Times, Dec
9, 1929.</tt><tt></tt>
<p><tt>June 24, 1938. Chicora, Pennsylvania. Cow struck and injured.</tt><tt></tt>
<p><tt>May 16, 1946. Santa Ana, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. 28 persons injured
and "many" houses destroyed by fall. Reported in the New York Times, May
17, 1946.</tt><tt></tt>
<p><tt>Nov 28, 1954. Sylacauga, Alabama USA. Mrs. Anne Hodges struck by
4 kg meteorite.</tt>
<br><tt>Reported in the New York Times, Nov 29, 1954 and MET 1,125 (1963).</tt>
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