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From: Martin Horejsi <martinh_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:50:25 2004
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Hi Kim,

On the Dutch Meteor Society site, they have some information about the Mbale
fall including a picture of a young boy who was hit on the head by a 3g
piece of the fall. According to the caption, the fall of the stone was
broken by banana tree leaves prior to colliding with the kid's skull.

Here is the link:




On 4/9/02 10:39 PM, "azaware" <azaware_at_msn.com> wrote:

> Hi Bob
> I was just standing outside
> and on 2-28-02 something hit me. It stung pretty good.
> I was surprise it hurt because it felt really small when it hit. That
> was so weird to feel something so small hit with such force. I
> had two light shirts on and that didn't slow it down a bit. I took a magnet
> to the area right in front of me. Just running the mag about an inch above
> the ground. Looking thought the rocks I picked up this one piece stuck out
> right away. It weighs under a half grain. It looks to have a crust. I have
> a
> few pictures. Bob Haag looked at some picture and he said it looked like a
> meteorite to him. Until now I never heard of a meteorite hitting anything
> alive. Its ironic that I been really interested in searching for meteorites,
> then one hits me.
> How lucky could I get. Tucson lookout here I come.
> http://www.azdesertmountain.com/meteor1.jpg
> http://www.azdesertmountain.com/meteor15.jpg
> http://www.azdesertmountain.com/meteor18.jpg
> Kim (Az)
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