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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:50:22 2004
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Your pronunciation of Allende is correct Robert. I remember two things from
7th grade spanish. One is that when there are two ll's next to each other
in a word its pronounced like a "y." The other is "Hola, me llamo es muy
feo avion." I just took the class. I didn't say I did well in it.
Rhett Bourland

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Hi Tom, Jay and List,

I posted a message to Meteorite Central about this very issue
(pronunciation) last year, but no one decided to bite at the
time. (I had asked about Ghubara). As for Allende, I've
always pronounced it: Ah-yen'-day. How 'bout Sikhote-Alin?
My guess has been: Si-ko'-tay Al-in'... --Rob

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I need some help too. Maybe one of you willing to make us few lists with
names and pronuncations. Maybe many of us may realize that we spoke those
word incorrect way.

Tom Perry

> Hi List,
> While writing out my talk I realized that alot of these meteorites have
> weird names and cant pronunounce them. Does anyone have a site or know
where I
> can actually get a way to figure them out. When i first started collecting
> always thought Allende was (allen-aid) huntil I found out it was
> The one that I am getting confused on is Mbale. Is it said like (M-Bale)
> (ma-bale)?
> Clear Skies & Happy Hunting,
> Jay Haynes
> IMCA Member #:6905

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