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From: Rodrigo Martinez <benig_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:03 2004
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Dear List
I make news small cuts of Cerro del Inca Meteorite, These have a good
relationship surface/volume. www.meteorites.cl/for-sale.html
it is a member of the very small group III F, it is only the sixth member of
this group

Cerro del Inca 2213.0'S 6854.5'W
Antofagasta, Chile
Found 1997
Iron, fine to medium octahedrite (IIIF)

A 20.6 kg iron meteorite was found in the Atacama Desert by soldiers
surveying a mine field with metal tectors. Description and composition
(J. Wasson, UCLA): meteorite has one smooth, shield-shaped surface,
with the obverse showing deep regmaglypt hollows; kamacite band width,
0.5 mm; bulk composition, Co = 0.379 wt%, Ni = 7.69 wt%, Ga = 6.17
ppm, As = 4.34 ppm, Ir = 3.35 ppm, Au = 0.54 ppm. Specimens: 10 kg,
Mr. Rodrigo B. Martinez de los Rios, Atacama Desert Meteorites,
Antofagasta, Chile; type specimen, 120 g, UCLA. ( Meteoriticall
Bulletin N 84 )

Best Regards

Rodrigo Martinez
Atacama Desert Meteorites
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