[meteorite-list] Slickensides

From: FRANK B CRESSY <fcressy_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:03 2004
Message-ID: <001301c145ee$2ee55900$ed34ff3f_at_g10fb>

Hello Bernd and all,

Bernd, thanks for the references.
The reference about the slickensides near the Juneau icefields got me
thinking that slickensides should also occur along faults, joints, fractures
and other rock weaknesses because of the eustatic rebound in rocks after
thick glacial ice has melted. A similar mechanism producing slickensides
along rock weaknesses should also occur on an asteroid or moon where a large
impact has occurred, especially near the central peak uplift. This "rebound"
mechanism might be a major factor in creating the slickensides we observe in
meteorites. Large scale slumping along crater walls might be another
mechanism. Guess we need to get NASA to organize a fieldtrip to find out :-)

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