[meteorite-list] Mundrabilla bandwidth

From: Rob Lenssen <rlenssen_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:02 2004
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Hello Bernd and list,

You can find a picture of my etched Mundrabilla at:
http://leden.tref.nl/~rlenssen/mundrabilla.jpg (225kbytes)

I made a scan of the same specimen, including a ruler (centimeter scale) for
the dimensions:
http://leden.tref.nl/~rlenssen/mundr-scan.jpg (78 kbytes)

The bandwidth seems to be in accordance with that reported by Buchwald.
This is actually my very first meteorite. I bought it ten years ago. The
pictures show my first etching experiment (ratcher deeply etched).

Looking at that etching pattern, it looks as if there are two areas of
Widmanstatten patterns, that are sligthly rotated with respect to each
other. The etched surface is flat. The pictures do not show it as clear as
when you turn the sample under a light however... I marked the border I am
seeing, with a blue line in the scanned picture. Has anybody seen this
before in Mundrabilla (two cristals?)?

Rob Lenssen

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> Hello All!
> While browsing and enjoying Martin's Global Collection gallery, I
> chanced upon Ginger's beautiful, roundish Mundrabilla slice (diameter
> about 1 inch I presume). Although I've been collecting meteorites for
> almost 20 years, I have never seen cut and polished Mundrabilla slices.
> Many years ago, I bought a similar specimen from the Zeitschels, but, as
> I said before, I've never had the possibility to compare mine to someone
> else's. According to Buchwald (p. 858) its bandwidth should be 0.55 ±
> 0.10 mm, which is in accordance with what my specimen shows. The
> Widmanstätten pattern of Ginger's specimen looks quite a bit coarser to
> me. If anyone has cut and polished Mundrabilla material, I would
> appreciate your comparative comments.
> Best wishes,
> Bernd
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