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From: Bernd Pauli HD <bernd.pauli_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:02 2004
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Hello All!

As my server seems to be down, I can only access our
archives at the moment where I found Martin's mail:

> Maybe I'll toss the slice on a scanner along with
> a ruler and post the image. Would that help?

Eric Olson has just sent me pics of
some the slices he cut some time ago:


They look like Ginger's slice. What would help would be to
measure the bandwidths of the slice(s) you have or someone
else has. Obviously, photography has its limits in this specific
case due to the angle of the infalling light, reflections, etc.

> If you get a chance to see the Smithsonian collection sometime, the
> have a nice little etched slice of Mundrabilla on display. Small that
> is for a tree. Actually the slice is probably over a meter in length
> and half a meter wide. I have a picture of it around here somewhere.
> I'll look for it.

This is probably one of the four huge slabs that came from the MPI
Heidelberg where it had been sent for cutting and distribution by
the late Paul Ramdohr. One slice went to the USA, one to Australia,
one to the former USSR, and one to Great Britain. It took 188 hours
to cut the first slice off Mundrabilla II - each slice weighs about
250 kg (!) Mundrabilla II originally weighed about 6.1 metric tons
before cutting. The very first of all these slices is on exhibit at
the MPI Heidelberg.

Best wishes,

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