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<< I'm embarrassed to ask(I could try some reference source), but I am
 going to a "Highland Gathering" at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in
 Lancaster, Pennsylvania today and I need to know: What is HAGGIS? It
 will be offered on the menu- GRANT ELLIOTT >>


Well, you did ask!
Haggis is Scotland's national dish and consists of offal, barley and various
spices all mixed together. Traditionally, it's boiled and cooked inside the
stomach of a sheep, but these days it's mostly sold ready-cooked in plastic
and resembles a small football. It sounds gross but it's probably no worse
than what you'd find in some pates and processed meats.
Now, I'm not Scottish and don't particularly care much for haggis.......I
only pretend I do because it annoys the hell out of Gregory "Greg" Wilson ;-)

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