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From: Charlie <moonrock25_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:01 2004
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Hello Michael,

I must admit I did interpret your statement: "Start beating the drums.
Death is coming to the Middle East as it has already been here." as
partaking of "glee". Or eagerness for bloodletting. But my
interpretation matters not at all. You are entitled to your emotions in
this matter. We are all entitled to our emotions in this matter. The
link I provided did not recommend sucking it up and letting it continue.
It merely provided a strategic analysis and the difficulties that any
military options face. No more, no less.

Charlie Devine

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Yes, it will be difficult, but I recall the horror of attacking Iraq, with the battle hardened Republican Guard, we were looking at facing the
devil, and taking tens of thousands of casualties, closer to 100 happened. The formidible Republican Guard was smashed in their holes.
I do not look with glee at what is ahead, but I am proud that for once, we are fighting back, not looking with fear, but with determination to
honor those who died. I was in the military, I would gladly go back now, I am willing to die for my country, I do not know if you were ever in
the military but most who are there are willing to make that sacrifice, or they would not be there. Our country has been attacked, not Navy
ships, not military bases, but women and children and poor people who got on a flight that morning, they are all dead, killed by some radical
freaks, time to take them out, to show that no matter what, we will not look at the odds and say " oh my Afganistan is a nasty place for a war
so we may as well stay home"
    I am saddened by the people who look at the difficulties and say better to suck it up and let it continue than to fight it.
Miek Farmer

Charlie wrote:

> For a clearer understanding of what difficulties lie ahead in any war on
> terrorism, this analysis may prove informative. Short and concise.
> http://www.stratfor.com/home/0109142100.htm
> Sincerely,
> Charlie Devine
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