[meteorite-list] This is my last email on this argument

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:00 2004
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Date: Saturday, September 15, 2001 11:58 PM
Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] This is my last email on this argument

>I wish to add this to the issue of Matteo's post.
>I am as shocked and saddened by the events of
>the last week as any of us.
>I also understand the need to process what has happened.
>I also truly believe that The United States will rise out of the ashes
>of the World Trade Center like a pheonix.
>This is exemplified that it is once again "cool" to be an American.
>We are experiencing what was described by Franklin Roosevelt
>and echoed by George bush as "the warmth of unity" as Americans.
>When the attack on America and its citizen's occured "bussiness
>as usual" came to a halt in my little sphere. There was a need to
>learned what had happened, to understand its significance.
>Much attention has been paid to the tragic aspects of what occured
>but one can only dwell on this so much and remain sane or productive.
>It is vital that we snap out of it and get on with the bussiness of being
>Americans. I realize that, due to a number of factors, this will take more
>time for some of us than for others.
>We Americans, in particular, have a great deal of work to do.
>The President has asked that the period of mourning for the victims
>come to and end after seven days so that we can concentrate on
>building our infrastructure and to prepare for the trials that await us in
>the future.
>On a personal note: I recieved an e-mail from a gentleman requesting
>references which would be usefull in quantitative analysis of the impact
>cratering process. I was thankful to have something "normal" to corres-
>pond with someone about. It was a refreshing tonic for me.
>I really believe that Matteo was attempting to ellucidate this fact.
>Some of you percieved his posting as insensitive and crass. I do no think
>this was his intention.
>In addition Matteo is not as adept with his English as we native speakers
>are. What he posts may not come across as it was intended. Please Matteo,
>do not stop posting. Practice is beneficial.
>Give the guy a break. He is not an enemy.
>Sam Kimpton
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>From: Matteo Chinellato <mcomemeteorite2000_at_yahoo.it>
>To: Meteoritecentral <meteorite-list_at_meteoritecentral.com>
>Date: Friday, September 14, 2001 11:40 PM
>Subject: [meteorite-list] This is my last email on this argument
>>Hello all
>>First of all thanks who has understood the meant one
>>of my email, than they have not been sent why I was
>>not interested to the facts of New York, but in order
>>to little move a sadness in the list, repentace of to
>>have made. Other thing the fact of double the email
>>sent, does not succeed to understand why 6 are
>>separated email mine, 3 with subject and the 3
>>without, also when you answer me me arrive 2 or 3
>>email with the same text, I have controlled if there
>>are virus to the inside of the PC but I have not found
>>null. Care the threats from part of that these will be
>>my Ebay auctions more to love, this to me does not
>>interest, repeats like for my email, who wants
>>acquist, who does not want does not acquire. As many
>>have said the world cannot be always blocked in order
>>after these tragedies, otherwise it would be the ruin
>>of all and all, many mailing list Italian and not,
>>have respected a day of Hush, but then they are
>>returned in their arguments, have not been stopped in
>>order always. Thoughts if we here in Italy to every
>>massacre of the Mafia, to every attack of the red
>>brigades, to every made airplane to fall like Ustica,
>>the entire country had to be stopped, then would be a
>>disaster. The USA are a great nation and even if have
>>been hit in the heart of the country hour must be
>>resumed, like have seen from the television,
>>understand poor the familiar ones of the victims who
>>for they will not be more the same life, but like
>>saying many the life must continue and to eliminate
>>who has provoked all this. I for this thing do not
>>have I want of farmi no enemy in the list, I know that
>>sure they ignore to me why they have taken their
>>decisions, I I do not say null on this.
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