[meteorite-list] Redneck defined, ego restrained

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:49:00 2004
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Your observations are noted with these comments.

Redneck - "A person who advocates a provincial, conservative, often bigoted
sociopolitical attitude considered characteristic of a redneck."

"Nigger" is an example of an "ugly epithet". I stand by my use of "redneck"
as appropriate for the message I wanted to convey. While most Blacks prefer
not to be called "niggers", many Whites proudly identify themselves as
"Rednecks" with bumperstickers using this adjective displayed on their
"pick-em-ups". I trust that you can differentiate the respective perceptions
of these two terms.

Demanding an apology for public lynching of Matteo by certain listmembers in
the way I did was incorrect as you've noted. Matteo can demand this if he

You do agree, I'll assume, that grossly objecting ("selfish", "un-patriotic",
"everyone should block his mail") to Matteo for doing business while everyone
else is doing business is ....... Racist? Anti-Italian? Anti-USA Patriotic?
You fill in the blank. "Fair" is not the correct answer.

My time is (as) valuable, not more so, than anyone else's. I was stating the
obvious. I don't know about you, but with AOL being as slow as it is
processing mail (and processing everything else really), I review my mailbox
and delete the junkmail before I read the rest. With 60-100 messages a day
this saves me about 5-10 minutes. C'mon Greg, don't you feel the same?

I value your point of view and welcome your thoughtful insight so there will
be no honorary mail blockages for you, pal. Let's muddle through this


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