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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:59 2004
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not that i want to enter the fray, but i do not believe that there is anything inherently wrong with anyone expressing the notion that "life must go on." unfortunately in matteo's case, the expression was merged with insensitivity and the untimely futherance of selfish self-interests.

as someone who has lost family and friends in in this disaster, and as someone who assisted the red cross relief efforts (and will be working at the javits staging area tomorrow), i am filled with fury, and yet i believe it's incumbant on all of us to demonstrate that barbarism, in the name of god or otherwise, will not rupture our pluralistic, democratic way of life.

the mayor of new york (and while i have run hot and cold on giuliani, he has been extraordinary in this crisis) has urged the city to get back to normal--where possible. broadway theaters opened last night. clubs--even below 14th street where no vehicular traffic is allowed--were mostly open.

life must go on.

it will, to be certain, a different life, but it's healthy and perhaps even patriotic to let the world know that democracy, and that the freedoms associated with our way of life, will fluorish undeterred.

on a personal note, a jazz client (mike brecker) who was featured in today's new york times and was to perform in the city this week, has been extremely ambivalent about what to do. we decided to work tonight through sunday and give 100% of the proceeds from this weekend, which totals to approximately $20,000, to the red cross.

life going on...and helping, if only a tiny bit, to help others' lives go on--which is also the part of the purpose behind the thousands of memorial services that are now commencing.

leaving you now with a glass raised to you all...

in the name of life.
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