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Park District OKs $12,000 Bid To Drill New Well
The Journal & Topics (Illinois)
September 12, 2001

The Des Plaines Park District approved a bid for $12,000 to have a well
drilled at the Golf Center.

Henry Boysen & Company of Hainsville, IL will perform the work. The
company's bid was the only bid received, but because the cost came in where
park district consultants estimated it should, it was accepted. The bid
price includes drilling a six-inch deep, 400-feet well; inside pump; and a
valve box to allow water shut off.

Another $5,000 was approved for a 24-hour pump test.

Henry Boysen will start work in two weeks after county health permits are
received and if weather permits. Drilling work should only take a day or
one-and-a-half days, and even though the land sits over the "Des Plaines
Disturbance" (an area believed to have taken a direct hit by a meteor), the
drilling should not be affected because crews will not go down that deep.

"There is a possibility of hitting bad water at the 400 feet depth. Then we
will have to drill deeper," said Paul Cathey, Superintendent of Parks. "Bad
water" is described as having too much salt, sulfur and chloride in it.

The park district uses city water to fill the pond and water from the pond
to water the greens.

"From June 29 to mid-August, we monitored the water used to fill the pond.
It cost $6,000 to keep the pond filled during that drought period," said

In September, the park district plans to redesign the piping running from
the pond to the irrigation system. Bids for this work will be requested in

"Our existing piping is not satisfactory, pulling water from the bottom of
the pond," Cathey said. "The new piping design will pull water from the top
of the pond."
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