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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:58 2004
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I am grateful for the personal sentiments, photos, and perspectives and
deeply sad for the great loss of life. Not to diminish any of that I'd like
to share something else.

Marvin said MetSoc was totally subdued by the news. Guy Consolmagno came in
one of the sessions and told everyone about the tragedy. He said , "All we
can do is Pray, Rome is a good place to pray". The wife of one researcher
narrowly escape harm as she was on the first floor waiting for an elevator
in the building when the first plane struck, she fled unharmed. This
Meteoritical Soc. Meeting has the all time highest attendance with 570
registered. Beside much concern about what is happening state side, many are
wondering how long until they will get a flight home. Some speculated a
month before they get back on schedule with the new security measures.
However, It looks as though air flight schedules will be moving by the 15th.
I know this is totally off subject, but does anyone have a spare room near
Italy. :)

Some of the meteoritist had an audience with the pope yesterday. We are not
Catholic but he is a significant world leader and this could not be missed.
Like all of us Pope J.P. was terrible disturbed by the events and sent his
condolences. Shared in many languages I John 4. "Beloved let us love one
another..." Then , like, he bless many articles people brought including
Marvin's Canyon Diablo meteorite belt buckle. ....That's a new one for
ebay:) ... Just kidding about Ebay.

Hey I have heard along time ago the Pope has private meteorite collection.
Like a little collection under his bed, Is this true?
Anyone hear this rumor? Am I gullible or what?
Actually Marvin will get to see the Vatican Collection on Saturday.
Norite paper to be presented Friday.
Peace to you all, KK

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