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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:58 2004
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<< So, let us focus only on those truly responsible
and exterminate them as vermine. Please do not
heed retoric aimed at Islam in general. >>

I agree Michael. But while I openly admit to being largely ignorant about Islam's dogma, I believe that the reason much anger is usually directed that way is that many times these acts are carried out by individuals and/or groups that claim to be acting in the name of Islam.

And (bite tongue here) while even he must be considered innocent until sufficient evidence is gathered to indicate otherwise, I believe that bin-Laden falls into this category.

Even if this attack was not carried out by followers of Islam, many of those who we saw on the news last night, celebrating in the streets of the West Bank, are. When is the last time you saw Americans celebrating in the streets when ANY type of tragedy occurred anywhere in the world?

Once sufficient evidence indicates WHO IS responsible, a reign of destruction and terror the likes of which they can not comprehend must be unleashed on them. And they knew this would happen going in ....why else has no group has stepped forward to claim responsibility.


Craig McDonald
Received on Wed 12 Sep 2001 05:45:55 PM PDT

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