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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:58 2004
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On Tue, 11 September 2001, Matteo Chinellato wrote:

> Hello all
> I personally and the Italian State express the most
> felt condolences the victims of the terrible attacks
> today. Here in Italy I have a friend who probably has
> lost the relatives in the disaster of New York
> inasmuch as they worked to the Trade Center.
> Regards
> Matteo

We as a people, a civilized people must take pause and consider that this dastardly act is an act not just against us, the United States of America-- but the civilized world. The World Trade Center was just that, the symbol of the the peoples of the World working together to make a better place a better world.

This aim has been threatened, and the people that died there will be from other nations as well.

This this cowardly attack was done by animals that cannot be considered human. They are vermin, and must be eradicated from the face of the Earth if we as a species are to survive. They seek to thrust humanity to a darker age, and we must not allow that.

God help us if they ever obtain weapons of mass destruction. We must stand united, and all civilized nations must stand united against these individuals, and the nations that harbor them.

And if it takes a major World War to rid them from the surface of this planet-- so be it.

But we must not allow this to pass.

Steve Schoner

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