[meteorite-list] 1876 Scientific American, Tucson Ring, NHM & the "Ovifak"

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:57 2004
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<< On page 263 of Rocks From Space II, there's more about the Tucson (Ring) >>

In my rush to throw it out to the list, I forgot about "The Book". I shoulda
remembered that the Norton "encyclopedia" should always the initial reference
point for stuff like this. Mea Culpa.

<< Does this engraving show a large, irregular, knoblike protrusion into the
opening of the ring. If so, it is Bartlett's sketch of 1852. >>

Sure does.

<< I come from a very small country......even Rhode Island could kick our
ass. >>

...and don't you forget it! ;-)

Thanks to Bernd and Rob for the kind responses. Any takers on the
similarly-mentioned "Ovifak" pseudometeorite?

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