[meteorite-list] 1876 Scientific American, Tucson Ring, NHM & the "Ovifak"

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<< My sincere thanks to our list-resident meteorite-historian from Blighty,
 out West here in the colonies. I happen to reside in the same colony he
 refers to, although out here we spell the city "San Francisco" ;-) >>

Greetings from "Blighty".
Apologies for mis-spelling San FranCisco. You see, I come from a very small
country......even Rhode Island could kick our ass. We're thinking of having
it carpeted next month ;-)
On page 263 of Rocks From Space II, there's more about the Tucson (Ring) iron
and how it became known as the "Ainsa Meteorite" after the Ainsa family (who
were just the shipping agents) re-wrote the history of the Ring's discovery
to their own advantage, totally omitting Irwin and claiming it as their own

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