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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:57 2004
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<< If you didn't know them from the shows you would not buy from them just
going by their web site. >>

Quite probably not. I suppose I do need to admit that there are a lot of
dealers I know, that I might not buy from, if I didn't know them. Does that
really prove some point of yours, somehow?

<< it really strikes my rebelious nerve when someone says I have to sign
them. >>

So, who said you <<have to sign them>>? Jeez, Mr. Rox, relax. You
expressed your opinion about unsigned posts, and others expressed THEIR
opinions about reading them. Fair enough? It's a free country....if an
internet-only-dealer wishes to conceal his identity, that's his choice. But
it's a free country for ME too, and I can choose to conceal my disposable
income from him. Isn't that perfectly reasonable?

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