[meteorite-list] On the Road to Denver

From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:57 2004
Message-ID: <LAW2-F80mRBaYFkuutS0000f9ff_at_hotmail.com>

Last night I loaded half a ton of meteorites, some sudbury impact rock and
400 thin sections into my little suzuki sidekick and headed west. I would
have brought more but my sidekick was threatening to stop working so half a
ton is all that I could carry. A 4am customs stop went relitavely smoothly.
I had to get the US agricultural dept to OK the material in case my moroccan
meteorites contained african soil that could threathen US livestock (Or at
least break any US laws). A couple quick questions like "How do you know
that they are real", "what do people do with them" and "are they
radioactive", and I quickly got through customs as at 4am on a friday night
everybody would prefer to sleep rather than search my load.
Not much traffic today but when you have something loaded down like my
suzuki you feel every pothole in the road. Things went well until I got to
Iowa. I had a smoother ride off road in a toyota hilux in Peru last week.
The entire Iowa interstate looks like a very long and skinny meteorite
strewnfield. somebody should tell the governor "Your roads stink".
Denver is a very long way away from toronto. I have been driving all day and
still am stuck in the descrepit off road backwoods that they call Iowa. What
does the governer of Iowa do with his speeding ticket and gas tax money
anyway? It is certainly not for road repairs. I will be getting into denver
a lot later than i had hoped.
cheers. I had hoped to set up tomorow but it will likely be monday now. In
denver you can contact me at 416-570-3464.
Room #390 in Denver

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