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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:57 2004
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Martin posted:

>. . . there was a woman who signed her posts JJ or jj or julia . . .
>I'm sure those who were around then are smiling right now.

Dear Martin and List:

Julia "JJ" Swain! Her handle was "missioncontrol." What a blast from
the past. That took me back a few years.

All those List arguments . . . uh, I mean discussions . . . about
the ethics of the Monahans business, which led to further elaborate
discussions about the ethics of meteorite collecting in general, and
then the ethics of meteorite pricing, and eventually even the ethics
of ethics! JJ had a good sense of humor, though.

It also reminded me of some of our other virtual colleagues: What
happened to List members George Zay (always had the latest info about
upcoming meteor showers) . . . and Gene Marlin . . . and Lou

Geoff N.
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