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From: Ginger Mayfield <chikadee_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:56 2004
Message-ID: <3B9A33C4.A59C0B56_at_earthlink.net>

Perhaps it isn't in the policies but I do think it is a
common courtesy to sign your name to a post. Perhaps the
old timers know the handles but how will the newcomers ever
know who you are? I like handles too but only if I know who
they belong to. Awhile back we put together a list of
e-bay names and the people they belong to. I still refer to
that list all the time. Perhaps we need a list of handles
(screen names) and the people they belong to. How about
using a handle AND at least a first name. Just my opinion,
of course. I'm sure no one will absolutely require it.

Ginger - chikadee_at_earthlink.net. (birds are one of my other

spacerox_at_verizon.net wrote:
> David Freeman wrote:
> > Dear Mr.Meteorite_at_gmx.li;
> > Part of list posting policy is to sign your email postings...please. Enquiring minds want to know...
> > Signed,
> > Dave Freeman
> Hi Dave,
> I could not find the policy you refer to:
> -------------------------------------- General List Policies
> ---------------------
> 1. Posts need to relate -in some way- to meteorites 2. Be courteous
> and professional at all times 3. Do not post -private messages- or
> -personal attacks- to the list
> direct all personal replies to that person only
> 4. Please include the 'subject' of the post in the subject box 5. Send
> emails in text format, not -HTML- 6. Do not send emails with -file
> attachments- to the list (images, etc.)
> include a link to the file instead
> 7. Make sure you can back up statements with -facts and references- 8.
> Do not post -major advertisement- emails to the list
> include a link to your 'sale' page instead
> 9.If you are posting a URL for a sale, include 'SALE' in the subject
> box
> Maybe it is an "unofficial" policy or maybe it is seen as "courtesy" to sign posts to the list, however some long
> term members with long established "handles" or "screennames" that desire a modest level of privacy are known by
> their handle and enjoy being known by their handle as a means of advertising it. I understand the desire to identify
> unknown members but those of us with long established nicknames should be allowed to continue using them. Since the
> "from" portion of the message shows who sent the message, signing each message is redundant.
> Signed,
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