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<< I checked it /them out and yes, there they are. Very interesting!
 It's even more evident in the "part slice with l a r g e central
 gas vesicle - 4.664 g" that Rob offers for sale. >>

Hi folks,

it's been quite a long time since I cut that piece of Norton County, but I
still had a long forgotten image of the original ~22g fragment uploaded to my
web space. I've lightened the image in order to bring the darker regions out
from the shadows, and posted it here for viewing
In the picture, notice the 3 main white clasts to the upper left, lower right
and extreme right - each roughly spherical and bound together by the darker
material. It seems strange to describe the main component of Norton County as
"clasts", but that's how they appeared in this particular specimen. A few
sparse nickel-iron flakes were also visible but aren't very noticeable in the
Cutting revealed many vesicules in the dark regions, varying in size from a
pinpoint up to several mm across.......some of these vesicules appeared to be
layered and ran in distinct bands across the cut face.
The whole piece was very friable and produced many crumbs during cutting, but
the slices came out pretty well.


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