[meteorite-list] meteorwrongs

From: colin wade <ceweed_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:55 2004
Message-ID: <000201c135b1$ae926dc0$02000003_at_colinwad>

hi list folks

weekend hunting collected a 180g pebble , chocky brown outside ,looking out
of place amongst desert chalk & sand .
Cut it today & surface looks like a good thick crust , one end smooth
t'other some crystalynity , light brown interior but ringed ( bust a blade
opening it : { )
Sample's already in the post to Dr Monica .... looking at my two little
pocket geology books ( Larousse & Observers ) goethite looks to be the
candidate/ culprit & seabed hydrothermal vents the process.
Tried web search,fotr further goethite data, but Qatar servers in a rest
period .
Who was collecting the meteorwrong images ?... these look good 'n crusty but
now I'm convinced meteorwrong....would be good to add to the collection .

nil desporandum
search continues
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