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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:55 2004
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Wow, what a modest subject line for a l u n a r meteorite: "NWA"

Robert wrote:

> I have some NWA 773. Who can help me with information about it?

Hello Robert and List,

It is a cumulate olivine norite*
regolith breccia; W1, S5;
It was found in Morocco in September 2000
Coordinates: 26 46' N / 012 49' W
TKW: 633 gr (3 stones: 359 /224 / 50 g)

It was sold to Marvin Kilgore by nomads who showed him the place
of find on a flat dry desert plain near Dchira, Western Sahara.
It has two distinct lithologies: cumulate rock and regolith breccia.

The breccia portion contains fragments of both the cumulate portion
as well as silica glass, hedenbergitic pyroxene, volcanic rocks, and
unusual lithic clasts. It is also KREEP-rich with a strong negative
Eu-anomaly and it has a high solar wind component which indicates
it was regolith material.

* norite = orthopyroxene gabbro (an intrusive magmatic mineral
consisting mainly of plagioclase with a mean anorthite content
> 50% and pyroxene).

Interestingly, norite was also found in the Sudbury structure
and in the South African Bushveld complex (Bushveld gabbro).


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