[meteorite-list] Possible Meteoritic House Impact From Michigan

From: Mark Fox <unclefireballmtf_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:01 2004
Message-ID: <20011001002029.61186.qmail_at_web14901.mail.yahoo.com>

September 30, 2001
Greetings fellow meteorite scourers!
Thank you Mr. Art Jones and/or the person who added me
to the meteorite list recently.
I am a meteorite hunter from Newaygo, MI USA and have
been combing the grounds on my family's property,
including our farm, for any suspected space rocks for
a few years now. Nothing confirmed has yet surfaced,
although I have a stone that is proving to be a good
Besides that, I have the feeling that perhaps I do not
need to look far to find one, as suspicions indicate
that a rock from the heavens could well be lying
inside the roof of our house as I'm writing this. In
the early winter of 1976, a strange hole was
discovered in the roof of the house, about the size of
a basketball after snow had started to seep in and wet
the ceiling. Nobody at the time could quite figure out
how it was made. A good friend of mine fixed it, but
evidently didn't pay much attention to what was inside
it, if anything. Tree limbs, icicles, animals and an
insecure roof were ruled out as causes. Strangely,
one of the most likely scenarios that I am able to
conclude is an impact from a meteorite.
Is it possible though, that falling ice from a
commercial airliner or debris from a satellite or the
like could create such a hole?
Also, what would be a good way to determine whether or
not some object is lodged or otherwise sitting above
the ceiling without having to create a hole of my own.
My e-mail is unclefireballmtf_at_yahoo.com.
Happy strewn fields,
Mark Fox
Newaygo, MI USA

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