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From: herbert.raab_at_ris.at <herbert.raab_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:14 2004
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Hello List, xxx and yyy-Bernd!

>> Are they any good?
> I don't know because I have never watched any
> (as far as I know)
The last Andromedids-storm was on 1885 Nov. 27,
with a peak of 13'000 meteors per hour. The last
recorded activity I know of is a "shower" in the
year 1940, where 30 meteors per hour were seen.
Nowadays, comet Biela and the Andromedids seem to
be all but gone...

Interestingly, P/2001 J1 (NEAT) that was discovered
last year has "some rough similarity to the orbit
of comet 3D/Biela", according to IAU Circular 7635
but any connection to Biela and the Andromedids is
just a speculation.

    Herbert Raab
Received on Wed 31 Oct 2001 03:50:08 AM PST

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