[meteorite-list] Wonderful Orgueil Picture on MAPS

From: Bernd Pauli HD <bernd.pauli_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:14 2004
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Martin Horejsi wrote:

> the density for this piece of Orgueil is about 1.4g/cc. Does this seem
> correct? Does anyone (by anyone I mean Bernd) know the density of Orgueil?

Hello Martin and List,

Sorry I am late but I couldn't get any
mail sent. My mail server was down :-(

I do not have the density of Orgueil itself,
but here is what I found in the books:

Densities of carbonaceous chondrites:

MASON B. (1962) Meteorites, pp. 96-97:

Type I : about 2.2 / Type II: about 2.5-2.9 / Type III: 3.4-3.5

WASSON J.T. (1974) Meteorites, p. 175: Density and Porosity:

CI : 2.2-2.3 / CM : 2.6-2.9 / CO, CV : 3.3-3.6

Best wishes,

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