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From: Martin Horejsi <martinh_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:14 2004
Message-ID: <B8037420.356%martinh_at_isu.edu>

David kindly asked:

> Does anyone have a guess as to the number of non-desert meteorites that are
> represented in private collections?

Hi David,

If I had to guess on this, which I am, I'd put the number at about 1000,
give or take a couple hundred. Most likely on the give side.

This is based on reading through some of collection catalogs from some of
the largest private collections in the world.

Of course this is just a guess. My own collection is nearing 600 different
localities, but if I subtract the hot desert specimens, I have more like 35.

Just kidding. I bet that I am close to 480 non-hot desert meteorites. I am
going to count those from Antarctica though.


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