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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:14 2004
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Anne wrote:

> For the week going from June 23 to June 30, more
> or less the time of the Taurids (right???)

Hello List, bonjour Anne,

The Taurid shower is visible in late October and the first two weeks
of November. Peak activities fall into the first week of November. It
is both rich in fireballs a n d has a double radiant - one near the
Pleiades and the other near Lamda Tauri.

But there is a daytime branch, the Beta Taurid meteor stream, observed
in late June. It was these Beta Taurids and their impacts on the Moon
that the seismic stations left behind by the Apollo missions recorded in
June 1975.

The Taurids, Farmington, and Comet Encke do have similar orbital
elements but J. Oberst cautions saying that Farmington would have had to
survive an atmospheric entry speed comparable to that of the Taurid
meteors, i.e. 30 km/s - almost too high because that would result in an
ablational loss of about 97% for stony meteorites.


OBERST J. (1989) Possible relationship between the Farmington meteorite
and a seismically detected swarm of meteoroids impacting the Moon
(Meteoritics 24-1, 1989, pp. 23-28).

Best wishes,

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