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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:14 2004
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<< I received a package today (10/26) from Rob Elliott, sent via DHL courrier
service, that he shipped on 10/23. Actually they tried to deliver it
yesterday but I missed the driver by 15 minutes. England to Texas in two
days?...not too shabby. It might cost a little more to begin using shippers
besides the US Postal System, but it seems that there are alternatives
available. >>

Hi all,
I've been shipping to the US and other overseas destinations for around 14
years now, and with few exceptions the mail service has always been very
reliable. With recent events, the extra security installed has caused long
delays in transit times for airmail and even "express airmail"
packages.....quite understandable considering current circumstances. They are
not generally "lost" but any form of airmail now takes several weeks to clear
customs and security inspections before finally landing on your doorstep.
I send a lot of overseas packages each week, so I did a deal with DHL
Worldwide Express for some hefty discounts off their standard rates, based on
a monthly quantity target and at a fixed price per kg. The result is that I
can now ship to the USA (or anywhere) and have the meteorites delivered to
your doorstep in about 2 working days.....some US customers have even
received their meteorites the day after shipping, but 2 days is typical. To
Europe, I can even have the package delivered THE SAME DAY. And the best bit
is that I don't charge the customer a single penny more, regardless of
OK, I'm subsidising the shipping costs myself and it costs me personally a
little extra, but I don't deal in 20 cent per gram NWA's and can absorb the
extra charges myself.
Recently, FedEx have also been hounding me to try and poach my account away
from DHL, so if you send a lot of packages, try playing the major carriers
off against one another for some extra discounts.

Rob Elliott.
Fernlea Meteorites,
The Wynd,
Off Dickson Lane,
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Fife. KY7 6PY
United Kingdom
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