[meteorite-list] Who will write the Saharan story?

From: dean bessey <deanbessey_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:13 2004
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<DIV>&gt; &gt; and as collection pieces, but they hardly inspire the sense of wonder that&nbsp; many of the &gt;&gt;other specimens the earth has given up, or those who¹s fall the&nbsp; inhabitants of this planet &gt;&gt;personally experienced. &lt;snip&gt;&nbsp;Few of the hot&nbsp; desert meteorites carry with them much of &gt;&gt;a story. &gt;&gt;</DIV>
<DIV>While I acknowledge that there are some people who care more about the immiginary lines on a map that somebody dreamed up a few hundred years ago, for the most part I totally disagree with you on that. How much of "A story" does some meteorite plowed up by a farmer in texas&nbsp;convey&nbsp;and what sense of wonder does it portray? There is a sense of wonder when you hold it up and realize that it is from space and has travelled 14 kazillion miles and has a great&nbsp;story to tell. I dont see how that wonderment is amplified because some farmer or meteorite hunter who happens to own a gps unit stuck his gps unit next to it and took a photo using the latest man made digital technology. </DIV>
<DIV>Now consider the story that hot desert meteorites carry and how it affected society.&nbsp;&nbsp;The greatest story of all regarding meteorites&nbsp;(Excluding the meteorites themselves) is probably the story of the NWAs. You cant name any meteorite that has made such a difference in the lives of more people and that changed a whole way of life than the lowly NWAs have done. An entire country is searching for meteorites and overnight one of the worlds poorest people are all of a sudden getting $20,000 paychecks for a few weeks work. For several years now the number one topic among meteorite lovers is the NWAs (Like it or not). An entire way of life has been changed and hundreds of people are now wondering about being able to afford a new house rather than a new camel. People from all over the world are jockying for position&nbsp;in the hopes of getting in on the next rare find coming out of NWA.&nbsp;The NWA (And other hot desert meteorites)has changed our minds about how rare or common that meteorites i
n general are - both SNCs and H5s. . And it has allowed anybody to be able to afford a piece of the moon or Mars. Anybody can have their very own rock that came from the Moon. Not just NASA can have a moonrock but your average joe can have a Moonrock now - all because of&nbsp;hot desert finds. Now that is a wonder to behold and something that really affects our lives - not just the lives of nomads but the lives of TV and newspaper reporters who report news who relays the next interesting meteorite story to a eager listening audience. Brunos last NWA SNC was newsworthy enough that it made CNN news. Your average texas find likely never even made page 8 of the local paper.</DIV>
<DIV>And as one holds the latest new hot desert Lunars, SNCs, and L6s&nbsp;in his hands the&nbsp;"wonder"</DIV>
<DIV>&nbsp;to the person with them would not be greater if they could say N33 52 11 E15 25 17. (Or is that N33 52 11 E18 25 17)</DIV>
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