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From: Michael Blood <mlblood_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:12 2004
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Hi Bob, Allen & all,
        Bob, I have to dissagree with your assesment that Allen's fee of $20
for this issue is inapropriate. One must take into consideration the
that TIME - research, driving, looking, etc. all go into the equasion
        Note that Allen omitted the year and volume number - so, I would
still be stuck with that task - AND, the locating of the text. Well
$20 IF I ddn't already have the issue. Fortunately, I do have the issue
and that is, of course, where I had seen the photo before. However, I
certainly do not consider Allen's offer at $20 exessive. One can buy
old Arizona Hyways for $1 - EXCEPT certain issues, usually dealing in
Indian blankets, baskets, jewelry and the like - and they go for, you
guessed it, $15 to $25.
        Thank you, Allen, for the information. Anyone wanting to see the
photo can contact Allen - or, buy one of my "Hammers" set of
meteorites that have all "nailed" something (cars, horses, tea cups,
mailboxes, garages, cows, porches, cooking pots, patios, train stations,
barns, houses, corrales, humans....and, of course, the mythical
Nakhla dog!)
        Thanks again, Allen - Michael
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