[meteorite-list] H vs. L survival

From: Rodrigo Martinez <benig_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:12 2004
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Hola Rob and List

If we consider that the antarctic conditions:

1) Favor the meteorite surviva with high metal content.
2) The probability of encounter is the same for any group of meteorites

We could assume that the proportion of the different meteorite groups
found in the Antarctic should be similar to any other place on the planet.

Do you or any List member have data of the proportion of meteoric
groups found in the Antarctic?

With this data we could see if the desert conditions favor the
conservation of the groups with low metal vs. high metal content, like
could be the case of the 7 L meteorites found in the Pampa area, Atacama

Best Regards

Rodrigo Martinez
Atacama Desert Meteorites

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> Hi Rodrigo,
> > The Meteorites found in the areas of high density that you cites have
> > low proportion of Metal?
> Well, let's see:
> Lucerne: L6, LL4, H6, H4, L6, H6, L5, LL6, L6 and one
> ordinary chondrite (type not determined). 3 H's, 4 L's
> and 2 LL's. A pretty good spread.
> Roach: H5, LL6, L5, L6
> Other undisclosed locations also seem to have a good mix
> of L's and H's. Time may indeed favor the L's survival
> over the H's in some locations, but so far the finds in
> the desert southwest don't show an obvious trend of L's
> over H's.
> Cheers,
> Rob
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