[meteorite-list] 7 different Pampa meteorites in 33 km2

From: Rodrigo Martinez <benig_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:12 2004
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Hola Rob and List

The Meteorites found in the areas of high density that you cites have low
proportion of Metal?

a possible explanation for the particular case of the area PAMPAS, where
the 7 several meteorites are L is:

Pampas have been accumulated meteorites along their geological history like
other desert location but only the meteorites with low metal content L
have been conserved, since the deterioration of a meteorite in the time is
proportional to the metal content.

Best Regards

Rodrigo Martinez
Atacama Desert Meteorites
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Subject: [meteorite-list] 7 different Pampa meteorites in 33 km2

> Hi Rodrigo, Donald and list:
> Both gentlemen have remarked on the concentrations of different
> meteorite types in seemingly small geographic areas -- specifically
> the 7 different L-chondrites at Pampa (33 km^2), and an increasing
> number at Gold Basin distinct from the main L4 strewnfield (area
> covered?). In dry desert locations, this is proving to be the
> rule rather than the exception. Consider Lucerne Dry Lake in
> California, where 17 stones represent 10 separate falls in an
> area spanning only 16 km^2. There is also Roach Dry Lake in
> Nevada with 4 distinct meteorites (Primm, Roach Dry Lake, Beer
> Bottle Pass and Devil Peak).
> There are more than a half-dozen other locations yet to be
> reported in the West that all have multiple unpaired finds.
> When I combine the total unique finds at all these locations
> and divide by the sum of all the surface areas, I find there
> is on average one meteorite per 2.3 km^2. As not all of these
> areas have been searched with equal intensity, the density
> will continue to rise as additional finds are made.
> Cheers,
> Rob
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