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From: Martin Horejsi <martinh_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:12 2004
Message-ID: <B7F200DD.C4%martinh_at_isu.edu>

Hi All,

A while ago I asked for more information about the possible witnessed fall
of a Plainview stone. Nininger wrote about it in his book Out of the Sky. I
have a webpage for that stone since I just got a slice of it. However, there
is more to this story than I thought, both with the events of the fall and
the actual stone itself.

I have a new section in the Global Collection where a pictures and text can
live in harmony. It is called Rocks and Text. There are two entries so far.
Have a look. It is also a place for discussion.

With the Plainview story, a single specimen called the Norfleet Stone is the
witnessed fall part of the story. But my slice of the Norfleet Stone begs
many questions. I posted a couple pictures of the slice and some of its
inclusions. Has anyone seen pallasite-like metal in Plainview? How about
light colored Type 3 veining running through a dark H5 brecciated matrix?
And as expected, there are some black, possibly carbonaceous inclusions.

The other entry is an impact melt from hell. I asked a planetary geologist
about it so the text are his enlightening comments.

Anyway have a look, and enjoy.



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