[meteorite-list] Announcement Concerning 33rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

From: Ron Baalke <baalke_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:10 2004
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The events of September 11, 2001, have affected all of us in one way or
another. Some of the effects will be short-term, transitory phenomena.
Others effects may have longer-term implications. Those of us who share the
fruits of our labor and exciting new ideas with our colleagues at scientific
meetings will find that our past experience with travel may not be what we
have in the future. We may also find that LARGE, INTERNATIONAL meetings at
government laboratories become difficult, perhaps even impossible, at least
in the short term.

Unfortunately, this is the case for the 33rd Lunar and Planetary Science
Conference. Because of security procedures that are now in place at the
Johnson Space Center, and the uncertainty as to when those would be relaxed
to a point that we could run the LPSC as we have in the past, we must change
the venue of the Conference. This year the LPSC, both oral and poster
sessions, will be held at the South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference
Center, which is located almost directly across Clear Lake from JSC.
Another consequence of this change is that we will have to move the time of
the LPSC back one week. ***THE NEW DATES FOR THE LPSC ARE MARCH 11-15,

The second announcement and additional logistical information should be
available no later than October 12 on the meeting Web site:


It is our hope and expectation that steps will be taken at JSC to permit
easier public access to the Gilruth Center by the time of the 34th LPSC.

We regret any inconvenience that these changes may cause, but hope that you
will bear with us, and more importantly, with the LPI staff as they adjust
on the fly to what is a major logistical change.


Carl Agee and David C. Black
Co-Chairs, LPSC
Received on Fri 05 Oct 2001 07:13:23 PM PDT

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