[meteorite-list] Silica Gel Drying Results

From: Michael Groetz <mpg444_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:48:09 2004
Message-ID: <20011002004348.93053.qmail_at_web14707.mail.yahoo.com>

   Thanks to everyone that offered suggestions on how
to dry the small plastic bags of pink/clear silica gel
   First off- the desicant in the plastic bags will
not dry even in mild heat- the bags fill with
condensation and begin to curl up. And this is only at
130 degrees.
   Awhile back I received advertising in the mail that
included a CD in a metal can. Out went the CD and the
metal can lid I drilled with a pattern of 1/32" holes.
I lightly touched up the holes on the underside of the
lid with a 1/8" bit to remove the metal burrs.
   I cut open about 20 bags of the silica gel and
poured it into the can. Leaving the lid off I baked it
at 300 degrees (Mr. Hartman's suggestion) and it was
amazing! After a couple of light stirrings every 20
minutes or so- the pink beads turned a bright blue in
about an hour. I put the metal lid on the container,
wrapped it tightly in foil to seal it and allowed it
to cool.
   Later I removed the foil and rechecked the beads.
They stayed blue (and the clear stayed clear as
expected)and into the plastic meteorite box (with lid)
they went under some soft open cell foam to isolate
the can from the specimens and yet allow it to
   So with a little work I can recycle the silica
beads they are scrapping at work. After about 3
"recharges" over time as suggested- I can pitch them
and recycle some new into my can.
   Thank You to all who offered suggestions. Your a
great group.

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