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Hello all

>From the A.M.Fioretti - Padova University - relation:


The Story: at around 3pm of a mid October day in 1960
( or 1961 ) the farmer Clemente Allini was ploughing a
com field in the locality " Antoniana piccola " in the
Barbianello municipality ( Pavia ) walking behind his
oxen he saw, lyng on the surface of a new furrow
aside, a " black heavy stone with metallic lustre ".
He said he picked it from the field to closer examine
it, and had to drop it immediately because of its high
temperature. He did not notice any sound or light
phenomena, which should have accompanied a presumed

Mr. Allini brought the stone home claiming it was a
meteorite; but after a teacher of the local school
told him it was a slag, he disregarded it.

In 1972 a curious relative of Mr. Allini, the young
Carla Allini, showed it to her teacher Enrico Affini,
who submitted it to the experience of Giuseppe
Giuseppetti, professor of mineralogy at the University
of Pavia. Based on visual examination and on
preliminary bulk analyses carried out in 1974, the
stone eas identified as an unusually Ni-rich iron

Clemente Allini donated it to the Civic Natural
History Museum of Milan, where the main mass - 479 gr.
- is still preserved.

DESCRIPTION: The original mass of the iron was 860
gr.The iron is severely alterated on its surface, but
still well preserved inside. Etching on a polished
surface doesn't show macroscopic Widmanstatten
patterns. Electron Microprobe analysis indicate that
the iron consists almost entirely of Taenite, with
minor plates of Kamacite. Troilite and schreibersite
are accessory phases.
CLASSIFICATION: Based on mineralogical and chemical
data the meteorite is classified as an UNGROUPED
ATAXITE. We propose to name it " BARBANIELLO " after
the municipality in which it was found.

For see a piece of this meteorite go to my collection
site and see under Redavalle meteorite, the first name
give to this meteorite.


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