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HI FOLKS, This is about fossils, but could there be a slippery slope
factor when considering meteorite collectors/sellers?- GRANT ELLIOTT
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Dear Paleolisters:

I am a member of the AAPS (American Association of Paleontological Suppliers),
and our President is the eminent paleontologist Neal Larson of the Black Hills Institute.
He was one of the discoverers of Tyrannosaurus Sue, as I'm sure you are already aware.

Below is an email that I received from him today. For further information, please
visit the AAPS website at: http://www.aaps.net


Geoff N.


Dear AAPS members:

The time has come for all of you to write to your congressmen, and senators
to stop H. R. 2974, a vile piece of legislation. If you do not do it now,
your business and livelihood may depend on it. If this bill is passed, you
may be required to prove when and where you found any specimen, or prove that
whoever you bought that specimen from collected it legally. If the person
that you purchased the fossil from cannot prove when and where it was
collected, you may be indicted as a coconspirator, or for retention of stolen
property. We could all become entangled in so much red tape, that our way of
life may be destroyed.

This is not something that you should put off until tomorrow, it is something
that you must do now! You must also enlist your friends, acquaintances, and
everyone in your business and organization to write, fax, and call their
Washington representatives. Find out your congressmen's Email addresses, and
send it that way too.

You will find following this, a copy of my letter to my congressman. Feel
free to use any part of it when writing to your own congressmen. Also, check
out our AAPS web site for letters from Marion Zenker, Mike Triebold, an
amateur Tom Caggiano, among others. Read these letters, and use some of
their ideas, if you need to come up with something to put on paper. I cannot
stress enough that you must do this now!

We are also asking that you send a copy of your letter to our office (JJ or
myself) by Email if you have access to that, by fax, or by regular mail, if
you have no other means. We would like to post your letter at our web site,
if we feel that it may be beneficial. If you do not want us to post it, just
say so.

Thank you, and please act quickly.

Neal L. Larson,
President AAPS

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