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<< Rob forgot to remind us whose FallDay it was yesterday. Leighlinbridge is
 2 years old! >>

Hi all,
I completely forgot about the Leighlinbridge anniversary! If I'd remembered,
I'd have toasted it with a glass of warm foaming ale last Wednesday.
I have only one stone left now from the Leighlinbridge fall....a gorgeous
individual with fusion crust that just can't be beaten for freshness. I won't
be parting with it (that's for sure!), but I think I still have a small slice
available on my site if anyone's interested. The story about the fall and
recovery is also listed at
Not actually having had any sleep for the last 48hrs probably has a lot to do
with forgetting the anniversary. I've just got back from the airport half an
hour ago, after a trip to London and some meteorite trading.
Boy, am I knackered or what?!?!?.....I'm off to bed.


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