[meteorite-list] Clues about the latest virus

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Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:14 2004
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I'm not that familiar with viri so I can't really say for sure what to say
about all of it but I would advise everyone who uses Microsoft products to
head to their website and download all of the latest patches. Its an
important thing to do whether you got the virus or not.

Rhett Bourland
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Hello List Members,
I know there is a policy on the list about NOT talking about viruses, but
the latest one is a sneaky little devil that doesn't have to be an attached
file to infect your computer.

Maybe we can get some better information from our friendly computer wizard
in Holbrook, Dave Andrews. Dave?

I got a copy of it today and here is how my anti virus program identified

"C:\ Eudora Pro\EMBEDDED\news_doc.Doc.scr ...........is infested with the
Badtrans.B_at_mm virus".

This bugger is embedded in the document. You don't have to open anything to
get the virus.

It is coming from two sources:

Email from Nick Trikilis - nickt_at_ohio.net There is no message in the
subject line. And, there is no attachment...because the virus is embedded.

see the ohio.net? Read on.

The other source is an email from Rick Nowak -

His email says "check out my website at" www.***ohio.net***/nickt/ims (i
have added the asterisks so as to not create a viable URL link).

 See the "nickt" in the address string? My guess is it is Nick Trikilis.

And both involve"ohio.net"

Update your anti-virus protection and DON'T visit the web site mentioned.

Best Regards,

John Gwilliam

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