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From: Bernd Pauli HD <bernd.pauli_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:13 2004
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tett wrote:

> Bernd, Your list should also include that most beautiful
> Canadian meteorite, Abee. Classified as an EH Impact
> melt breccia in the 2000 catalogue of meteorites.

Right, Mike!

And not only in Monica Grady's 5th edition of the Catalogue
but also in an article by our list member Russ Kempton:

KEMPTON R. (1996) Abee: More Questions Than Answers
(METEORITE! Magazine, Pallasite Press, November, 1996, excerpt):

Abee is an impact-melt breccia, EH chondrite. Its internal structure is
a myriad of granulated metal-rimmed, varying-sized clasts embedded
in a dark gray, fine-grained groundmass. "How?" and "what?" are the
first two words that come to mind when one sees this meteorite.

Mark wrote:

> Speaking of impact melts, wouldn't Rose City, (an
> H5 chondrite) also be considered such a meteorite?

Bingo again!

Rose City is an S6 black, impact melt breccia.

This d o e s show that computers are "dumb critters". Both for Abee
and for Rose City I had entered the words "impact melt" with a hyphen
(=> impact-melt) and so the database query did not detect them. There
may well be more such examples.

Thank you all for cautiously telling me :-)

Best wishes,

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