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I also have Rio Limay, Sahara 98362, and Smyer classified as Impact Melt
meteorites. I once had a slice of Smyer that I obtained from Geoff Cintron
and, speaking from experience, that is one cool looking meteorite!!!
Best wishes,
Rhett Bourland

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Michel Franco a écrit:

> ... was wondering if there are 2 main classes of impact
> melt meteorites, as one could think Impact melt m. of
> achondritic origin and impact melt m. of chondritic
> parent body.

Bonsoir Michel, hello List,

Here is a database survey of 12 Non-Antarctic meteorites that
are classified as impact melt meteorites. Some new ones may
still be missing from this list as I am not "on track" with my
update chores :-(

Best wishes,


Calcalong Creek - LUN - impact melt breccia;
Cat Mountain - L5 - impact melt breccia; vesicles;
Chico - L6 - impact melt breccia; copper; S6;
Dar al Gani 241 - imb - impact melt breccia
Dar al Gani 242 - imb - impact melt breccia
Dhofar 025 - LUN - anorthositic impact melt regolith breccia;
Happy Canyon - EL6 - EL6/7 (S2); impact melt breccia(?); vesicles;
Madrid - L6 - veined; impact melt breccia
Norton County - AUB - fragmental breccia;
clastic matrix (igneous and impact melt)
Roosevelt County 085 - L4 - RC,S4; W2; impact melt
Sahara 00215 - L - W3/4; impact melt breccia;
Shaw - L6 - Dodd: L7; complex impact melt breccia;


ALHA81011 - eucritic impact melt breccia

EET 99443: "The section exhibits isolated pyroxene and plagioclase
grains up to 0.5 mm. The section contains one part in which the
groundmass is finely comminuted pyroxene and plagioclase grains,
while the groundmass in the other is a fine-grained, lath-like
structure suggestive of an i m p a c t m e l t . The meteorite
is a howardite (AMN 24-1, Feb 2001, p. 11).

MET 00427: "The section shows ...a single millimeter-sized
i m p a c t m e l t spherule. The meteorite is a howardite
(AMN 24-2, September 2001, p. 19).

QUE 99059 is almost certainly paired with the trio QUE 94204/
97348/97289, ... These meteorites are unusual aubrites or
enstatite chondrite impact melt rocks (AMN 24-1, Feb 2001, p. 13).


METZLER K. et al. (1994) ALHA81011 - A eucritic impact melt
breccia formed 350 m.y. ago (abs. Meteoritics 29, 1994, 502-503).

METZLER K. et al. (1995) Impact melt rocks and granulites
from the HED asteroid (abs. Meteoritics 30, 1995, 547).

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