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I'd guess that it was very easily 1000 an hour. The group I was with
counted around 70 twice in a five minute period. Keep in mind there were
parts of the sky that we couldn't see due to fog and tress. Not only that
but there were only 9 of us out there and I don't think any of us were faced
directly to the north due to quite a few trees.

Rhett Bourland
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That will vary from place to place but it sounds like many people witnessed
well over 500/hour. In my counting I am sure that it was over 1000/hour
from my back yard. I am basing that on the fact that I counted over 100
twice in a five minute period.
I just got off the phone with an amateur astronomer friend who has been
studying and teaching astronomy for 30+ years. Having witnessed many
showers ( as well as viewing 7 solar eclipses) he said that this morning was
one of the most memorable experiences he has ever had. His group of 18
claim to have seen over 4000 from about midnight on.
JPBrockets_at_aol.com wrote:
So what was the official per hour count on the shower last night?
Juris Breikss
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