[meteorite-list] Loud Boom Rattles England/Possible Boom From MI

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<< Here is a most interesting link to a report that may
 result in a new space rock discovery. I think Mr. Rob
 Elliott and other enthusiasts from England will also
 be intrigued, if not already!
 http://www.edinburghnews.com/searchresults.cfm?id=EN01191708 >>

Hi Mark and list.
I had a couple of phone calls from press agencies on Wednesday, regarding the
loud explosion heard over the Borders region on Tuesday evening. Many people
heard the boom, but I've had no reports of anyone seeing a fireball or
anything out of the ordinary that night. That doesn't bode well, because it
was a clear, frosty evening on Tuesday night here, and I'd have expected at
least a few fireball reports if it had been a meteor. It's still a bit of a
Leonid Night looks like it's going to be a non-starter for us too, because
we're under a thick blanket of cloud right now. Bloody British weather! ;-)

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