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Dear Listees:

Thanks to Steve's Schoner's patience and great story-telling
abilities during a couple of rather lengthy interviews, I was able to
produce an article about the Glorieta Mountain pallasite ("Legend of
Glorieta Mountain"), which appeared in the February 2001 edition of
"Meteorite," pgs. 24 - 27.

Although the article focuses on Steve's relentless -- and ultimately
successful -- hunt for the main pallasitic mass of Glorieta, it also
contains some discussion of Glorieta's history, including the
discovery of the original iron masses in 1884, and later visits to
the strewn field by Nininger. I expect that the back issue is still
readily available from Joel Schiff at Pallasite Press:

The story is illustrated by some fine photographs taken by Darryl
Pitt and Harald Stehlik, and a marvelous shot (from 1970) of the
young Steve Schoner with H.H. Nininger.


Geoff N.
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