[meteorite-list] Re: Jeff's Response with regard to type 7

From: Jeff Grossman <jgrossman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:11 2004
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Sahara 97037 also sounds like a good candidate for type 7, but it too has=20
received no study other than the initial characterization (that I know=20
about). Until this changes, it goes in the same category as Dhofar 011:=20
call it a 7 but check back after somebody does a systematic study.

I've never heard that Forrest 007 is anything but an H4.


At 04:01 AM 11/16/2001, Joseph Murakami wrote:
>Hello to all,
>I'll throw in a mention for Forest 007 LL7 as eval'd by Dr. Keil. Thanks
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>Hello Jeff & list!
>Don't forget the SAH97037. Abstract from the Meteoritical Bulletin, N=B0=
>Show your support at the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund -=20
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