[meteorite-list] Re: Jeff's Response with regard to type 7

From: Jeff Grossman <jgrossman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Apr 22 09:47:11 2004
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Dhofar 011/014 sounds like a strong candidate, but it has not been examined
by many researchers to look for impact melting. Taouz 002 is still less
well known, and would have to be analyzed before pronouncing it type 7.


At 09:36 AM 11/15/2001, herbert.raab_at_ris.at wrote:

>Dr. Jeffrey N. Grossman writes:
> > Maybe somebody on this list cares to make a
> > list of all the candidates, and we can talk
> > about what they are.
>I don't have a list of candidates, but maybe two
>interesting examples. (Interesting for me at least,
>because I have them in my collection... :-)
>Dhofar 011/014 is classified as LL7 S3 W3 in MB 84,
>and a note says that "Chondrules almost completely
>absent. Matrix thoroughly recrystallized and
>relatively coarse grained."
>Also listed in MB 84 is Taouz 002, LL6 S3 W0/1,
>with no additional comments. I have to admit that
>I have never had the chance to see a thin section
>of Taouz 002. But I would describe the slices I
>have seen with similar words: Hardly anything that
>looks like a relic chondrule, and a very coarse
>grained, apparently recrystallized matrix.
>It should be much easier to identify any chondrules
>by naked eye in Taouz 002 as it is very fresh
>whilst Dho 011 is highly weathered. Just by
>inspecting hand specimens with the naked eye
>(not a highly scientific process, I admit...),
>I would say that Taouz makes a better LL7 than
>Dho 011 does... :-)
>Thanks for any comments,
> Herbert Raab

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